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AES 256 Bit
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Deep Blue Backup® uses award winning software and infrastructure to deliver secure & reliable UK cloud backup solutions, for small to medium-sized businesses and public sector clients.

Download our software (LITE & PRO) to backup PCs, MACs and Servers, or use our Cloud to Cloud web portal to backup your Cloud Services (SaaS).

With our LITE and PRO accounts you only pay for storage so you can install the software on any number of machines. The software lets you backup your data locally for free, so you can keep costs down by only backing up your most critical data to the cloud.

We also provide free and friendly support ongoing, to your ensure data backup peace of mind.


Backup for PCs, MACs, & Servers ( LITE / PRO ): 12p/GB/month
Backup for Cloud Services: £2.50/user/month or £2.50/10GB/month

Cloud Backup for PC/Mac

Backup LITE: Backup important documents, photos, music & videos, your whole system, and even your free cloud storage areas such as Dropbox, Google Drive. £6/month 50GB+

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Cloud Backup for Servers

Backup PRO: Cloud Backup for server applications such as Exchange, Lotus Domino, Lotus Notes, MySQL, MSSQL, VMware or Hyper-V machines.
£12/month 100GB+

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Cloud to Cloud Backup

Office 365 Exchange, Groups & Teams, G Suite, Google Team Drive, IMAP: £30/user/year

SharePoint, OneDrive, Salesforce, Box, Dropbox: £30/10GB/year

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What You Get


Total Security

Encryption Key Management (customer controlled encryption key & authentication). AES 256-bit in-flight and at-rest Encryption. Data can not be accessed by any 3rd party.

Local Storage Support

Create an identical local backup to run in sync with the Deep Blue Backup cloud enabling faster restores and added measures for disaster recovery.

Local Data Centres

Deep Blue Backup stores customers data in the nearest location to the source of where the data resides. UK data stays only in UK therefore complying with GDPR and Data Protection Laws. All DCs are ISO 27001 certified.

Set Retention Periods

Define how long you want to keep your data, days, weeks, months or years giving you total flexibility.

Scheduled Backups

Set up a schedule that will backup incrementally and automatically forever. Set different schedules for different files, folders, hard drives or servers with backup sets.

Hybrid Backup

Backup only what’s important to the cloud, the rest can be backed up locally for free.


After the initial backup, only changes are backed up, this saves time and bandwidth.

Backup Seeding

Transferring a massive initial amount of data to the cloud can take a while even with today’s broadband speeds. But you can FTP or send us your data on a USB drive. Full instructions HERE or CONTACT US for more details.

Protect Your Data



For any home or business computer environment, data remains the single most valuable asset. Whether related to personal data, precious family assets, financial products, customers or employees, data is the lifeblood. In the event of a disaster or data loss, how quickly can you restore the data if at all? Deep Blue Backup will have your data restored quickly and efficiently no matter what happens.

Our Software

Intuitive and Easy to Use

Your Backup LITE & Backup PRO subscriptions come with our extremely easy to use downloadable software. Configure what you want to save & protect and then back these files and folders up whenever you want - on an automatic schedule or at the push of a button.  Watch the video to get a complete rundown of how versatile and easy to use our software really is!

Register and try it for FREE - no payment details required.

Do you know about the Backup Rule of Three

a.k.a. Backup 3-2-1 Rule?

Maintain at least 3 copies of any data you care about

Naturally, you never want to keep all your eggs in one basket. The first of the three copies is what you work with. The other two copies are replicas to ensure AVAILABILITY and REDUNDANCY.


Store these backups on 2 different formats

Again this is a matter of spreading the risks as different storage media have differing strengths and weaknesses in terms of redundancy, and one media format outlives the other. E.g., USB Hard Drive + DVD disk


Store 1 of the backups Off-site

In the event of a disaster such as an earthquake, water or fire damage, you need to know that your data is still safe and available. Storing a backup off-site FAR AWAY gives you that vital immunity against complete data loss. Ideally you would want to chose a backup solution that automatically replicates your off-site data across two separate data centres located in different cities. Deep Blue Backup do just that, using Docklands DC in London as Primary DC, and IDE Group DC in Bournemouth.

Remember: If your data doesn’t exist in at least three separate locations, with one of them off-site far away, it is not backed up!

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