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About Deep Blue Backup

Smart • Safe • Secure

Reliability – Transparency – Integrity

By Keith Taylor, Owner & Manager of Deep Blue Backup

Deep Blue Backup has been providing secure Backup as a Service (BaaS) to SMBs since 2018. The business was conceived out of a genuine passion for helping businesses and consumers identify & implement efficient solutions to problems through leveraging technology. Our customer base represents a wide sector including Insurance companies, IT providers, Healthcare services and more.

In contrast to the more impersonal services offered by larger providers, we offer a cutting edge and dedicated service where customers can feel they are being listened to and their businesses are really being looked after. We endeavour to harness and package the best backup software and award winning backup infrastructure and make this accessible to all SMBs as well as direct to consumers. The final product is delivered with proven high standards of human-friendly customer service. A personalised service with a smile!

We understand the importance of getting the balance right in the integration of technology, security and the customers’ needs. For businesses, the fast pace of technology means keeping on top of new security challenges and ever evolving solutions, so as to remain viable and competitive. Efficiency and Security are therefore key ingredients for Reliability, which is what all business look for in a provider or solution.

We also know that the challenges for achieving and maintaining reliability are best met by keeping things simple. When simple solutions encapsulate cutting edge and cost effective technology, these become Smart solutions, making them a clear winner. But a smart solution is only meaningful in the context of a symbiotic relationship between service provider and customer working cooperatively. This means educating the customer as well as being responsive to their needs. We are all human, though at times one would be forgiven for thinking otherwise. Good human relations is not only fundamental to the provisioning of an optimum service, it is also just good business sense. It builds Trust!

As with many small cutting edge businesses today, Deep Blue Backup is run securely from a dedicated office, using 265-bit encrypted VPN connectivity. With full cyber security certification from Hiscox CyberClear ( member of the Hiscox CyberClear Academy ). Deep Blue Backup is also fully GDPR compliant. These certifications are reviewed regularly – and we’re looking forward to the Government-backed ‘Cyber Essentials Plus’ in the very near future.

Close partnership with trusted third party service providers, e.g., Wasabi, CloudAlly and data centres in London and Bournemouth with ISO 27001 certification, enables Deep Blue Backup to access world class storage systems securely and responsibly. Automatic data encryption and replication across these data centres means that your data is not only safe, but always Available!

Behind the scenes Deep Blue Backup represents a work force of about 10 to 15 strong at any one time. Having this built-in reliability and automation for backups, monitoring and reporting, means less need for extra staff on premises for day to day operations. This all translates to greater accountability and standard of customer care. Not that you’ll be needing much support for our smart tried and tested solutions, but if and when you do, you’ll be dealing directly with yours truly. Integrity!

Our commitment to customers

We endeavour to provide the best technology at the best prices. We also believe in being honest with customers and will provide prompt and helpful support with our naturally cooperative and friendly attitude. We will never overcharge for services, and will always ensure you know exactly what you are paying for up front. We will ensure that service functionality and security are always a priority and should any issues arise, will take immediate remedial action giving due notice via the Announcements page and/or support ticket. Your complete satisfaction is worth more to us than profits and therefore the success of Deep Blue Backup will in large part be exemplified by your positive ‘word of mouth marketing’.

Get to know Deep Blue Backup – start your 14-Day Free trial today – no payment details required.

Using State-of-the-Art Data Centres

Primary UK DC: Docklands DC (London)  –  ISO 27001 certificate
Secondary UK DC: IDE Group (Bournemouth)  –  ISO 27001 certificate
Amazon Web Services: (Ireland) – ISO 27001 certificate


Hiscox Insurance

Professional Indemnity
Public Liability
Cyber & Data Insurance

Technology in use

Technology in use