Deep Blue Backup

Data Backup Peace of Mind for You & Your Business

Founded in August 2018, Deep Blue Backup delivers secure & reliable UK cloud backup solutions for all business/organisations and public sector clients. Using award-winning software & technology we provide a hassle-free top quality service at very competitive prices and without compromising on customer care. All our backup solutions are scalable so as to meet your evolving backup requirements as you grow.

Our commitment:

We help you save time and money by removing the burden of all your data safe-keeping and restoration, while maintaining your data’s security & availability, and customer satisfaction as our priority.

We are also very conscious of the fact that the amount of data we produce as a nation and globally is only increasing over time. We are therefore keen to educate the general public & businesses on the importance of keeping up to date with security measures and using proper/appropriate secure data backup strategies. Our commitment to security remains a top priority and we are members of the Hiscox CyberClear Academy



Our State-of-the-Art Data Centres

Primary UK DC: Docklands DC (London)  –  ISO 27001 certificate
Secondary UK DC: IDE Group (Bournemouth)  –  ISO 27001 certificate
Amazon Web Services: (Ireland) – ISO 27001 certificate



Hiscox Insurance

Professional Indemnity
Public Liability
Cyber & Data Insurance