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Cloud Secure365™

All-in-one Solution

Cloud Backup, Sync, Archive & Disaster Recovery 

ISO 27001
Certified DCs

AES 256 Bit



Cloud Secure365™ ** Coming Soon **

4p/GB/month  ( Minimum order: 100GB @ £4/month )  |  Resellers ( Minimum 5TB @ £120/month )

The Game Changer!

Cloud Secure365 is an all-in-one Cloud Backup, Sync, Archive & Disaster Recovery Solution, with a storage-only pricing model:

•  Using Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage, cheaper than AWS S3 and faster than the competition.

•  No more per-user licencing – you only pay for the data storage.

•  With data deduplication, the size of your stored data is significantly reduced, allowing you to protect more data for less storage.

Cloud Secure365

Other Features

The solution will include a software client, an app, as well as an easy to use Web Portal which will act as a centralised console to manage accounts whilst also acting as an interface to manually backup files online via a drag/drop screen.

The portal’s full features include:

Backup Files & Folders incrementally over a secure online HTTPS gateway.


Manage/View Backup Sets for Files, Databases, Office 365, GSuite, Network Devices, Image Snapshots and Virtual Machines.


Evoke Hot Spin Up of Image backups to our embedded Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Feature.

View/Move Data to our lower cost Archive Tier.


View Sync Data across the Web Portal, Software Clients and Mobile Apps plus share these files.


Full Analytics Dashboard.


Choice of Language.

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