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Cloud-to-Cloud Backup

Cloud backup for SaaS

Including Office 365 Suite, Salesforce, G Suite, Dropbox & Team Drives

ISO 27001
Certified DCs



US, EU, or Asia

Cloud Backup for SaaS

Deep Blue Backup’s Cloud to Cloud backup & recovery solution let’s you backup daily changes in your Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform to secure storage servers, and makes it available for restore in just one click. The solution is delivered via intuitive and easy-to-use web portal, and designed for businesses using the following Software as a Service: Office 365 Suite, Exchange, IMAP; OneDrive; SharePoint; Box; Dropbox, G-Suite (Google Drive) & Salesforce. With choice of data storage location in the US, EU(Ireland) or Asia.

Even with cloud services data can be compromised thorough corruption or accidental deletion. Data recovery from the Trash bin, which gets automatically purged, is therefore not a reliable solution. It is vital that important data from your cloud services be regularly backed up to secure, secondary/remote storage servers.

Pricing Structure

Cloud to Cloud: Office 365

This deal lets you backup Office 365 services for your whole company (min. 20 users). Including Exchange, OneDrive & Sharepoint. This option is offered with 500GB backup storage space for Free. This assumes an average of 25GB per user. The cost for the Exchange user mailboxes is only £30 per user per year. Need more backup storage space? Extra storage space can be added for just £30 per 10GB per year.

Cloud to Cloud: Multi-Users

Choose one of: Exchange, IMAP, Salesforce or G Suite  –  £30 per user per year, with free storage.

Cloud to Cloud: Teams & Drives

Choose one of: SharePoint, OneDrive, Box, Dropbox or Team Drives  –  £30/10GB/year. (£2.5/month)

Cloud to Cloud: Complete

Enable backup for all cloud services ( see full list below ) – £30/user/year ~ up to 25GB per user free…
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Supported Cloud Services

Office 365 Exchange

£30/usr/year (£2.5/user/month)

Office 365 Groups & Teams

£30/usr/year (£2.5/user/month)

SharePoint Online

£30/10GB/year (£2.5/10GB/month)


£30/10GB/year (£2.5/10GB/month)

G Suite

£30/users/year (£2.5/users/month)

G Team Drive

£30/users/year (£2.5/users/month)


£30/10GB/year (£2.5/10GB/month)


 £30/10GB/year (£2.5/10GB/month)


 £30/10GB/year (£2.5/10GB/month)


 £30/usr/year (£2.5/user/month)

Note: If you cannot find the specific backup plan you require or are unsure about which backup service to choose, please do let us know. We may well be able to provide a backup solution for you.
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