Cloud to Cloud Backup

Small & Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs)

Backup All Your Cloud Services (SaaS)

Backup your SaaS

It is important to remember that if you use Cloud based services you should also backup this data on a regular basis. Deep Blue Backup’s Cloud to Cloud Backup options are designed for businesses using the following Software as a Service (SaaS): Box; Office 365, including Exchange, OneDrive & SharePoint; G-Suite (Google Drive) & Salesforce.


Pricing structure

Cloud to Cloud COMPLETE
Our Cloud to Cloud COMPLETE deal lets your backup all Office 365 services for your whole company. This including Exchange, OneDrive & Sharepoint. This option is offered with 500GB backup storage space for free. This assumes an average of 25GB per user. The cost for the Exchange user mailboxes is only £30 per user per year. Need more backup storage space? Extra storage space can be added for just £18 per 5GB per year.

Cloud to Cloud MULTI-USERS
Choose one of: Exchange / Salesforce / G-Suite  –  £30 per user per year, with unlimited storage.

Cloud to Cloud TEAM-DRIVES
Choose one of: SharePoint / OneDrive / Box / Team Drives  –  £18 per 5GB per year.