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Online PC Backup

Secure Online Backup for PCs, MACs, Servers & NAS

ISO 27001
Certified DCs

AES 256 Bit


Online Backup for PCs, MACs, Servers & NAS

For SMBs / Freelancers, Students, or Home. We provide convenient & secure online backup solutions to cover all your PC and/or Server backup requirements. Our solutions are simple to install and use, and will ensure that your computer data is always safely stored and retrievable in the event of data loss.

Solution 1 – Backup to our UK data centres using Ahsay’s backup software client.

Storage Price: 10p/GB/month (or 1 TB @ £85/month).
PC/MAC: Minimum 50GB (£5/month).
Servers: Minimum 100GB (£10/month).

Tip: 1 Gigabyte of storage space, @ 10p per month, lets you backup/store roughly 500 photos of reasonable quality. 50GB gives you room to store roughly 25,000 photos for just £5 a month!

Backup Features:

  • Backup files, folders or whole system.
  • You can also backup Google Drive & Dropbox.
  • Automatic backup scheduling.
  • Set retention periods as required.
  • AES 256 Bit Secure Encryption in-flight & at-rest.
  • Choice of Incremental & Differential Backup.
  • Backups replication across 2 UK data centres.
  • Multiple installs for free, no licence fees.
  • Free software client, only pay for storage


Ahsay Backup Client

Ahsay backup client panel (LITE & PRO)
The Free Trial requires registration
Download the software here

Solution 2 – ** Coming Soon **
Backup your PC using our new Cloud Secure365™ solution – to our EU data centre (Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage).

Storage Price: 4p/GB/month (or 1TB @ £24/month).
PC/MAC/Servers: Minimum 100GB (£4/month).

Backup Features:

  • All-in-one Cloud Backup, Sync, Archive & Disaster Recovery solution.
  • Includes a software client, an app, as well as an easy to use Web Portal.
  • With data deduplication, reducing the size of your backups, so less storage is required.


Cloud Secure365

Money saving tip: If you want to fine tune your backup budget and keep costs down to a minimum, we recommend you ‘triage your files’. Keep all your irreplaceable files (documents & media) organised within a dedicated ‘online backup’ folder. Your less important files can be stored in other ‘local backup’ folders. You can then use our backup software to backup the important folders to our online servers, while the less important folders are backed up locally for free, e.g., to USB drive.


Noteworthy: We recommend adopting the Backup Rule of Three, a.k.a. Backup 3-2-1 Rule.