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Backup LITE Features

  • UK Online PC Backup ( computer backup for all PCs & MACs )
  • With 50 Gigabytes minimum (£6 per month)
  • Automated & encrypted backup, not just file storage.
  • No Licence Fee – Install on any number PCs.
  • Only pay for storage space @ 12p/GB/month.
  • Purchase extra storage at any time.
  • Includes backup for Google Drive & Dropbox.
  • Hybrid Backup: backup to local or network drives as well as online simultaneously.
  • Fully scalable, grows with your business.
  • GDPR compliant & ISO 27001 certification.
  • Free 14-Day Trial, Free Support & Free Setup.

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Backup From Windows & Mac OS X

The Backup LITE plan is an online PC backup solution, which is downloaded and installed on any PC/Laptop you need to backup. It includes an initial 50 Gigabytes of backup space, and is ideal for small businesses & freelancers. Perfect for digital media artists of all kinds, as well as students & home users.

Do you keep large libraries of media files? Do you create/edit music or other mediate files such as photos and videos? Maybe you run a small business which requires critical data to be securely stored, sometimes by law. Or maybe you’re a student/graduate working on several academic projects including your PhD thesis. In either case, you’ll want to ensure that your data is always safely stored and always retrievable in the event of data loss.

We strongly recommend you ‘triage your files’ by simply keeping all your irreplaceable documents and media files organised within a dedicated backup folder, while less important files are stored in other backup folders. You can then backup these folders to different locations, e.g., online and USB drive, on an automatic daily schedule using our Backup LITE service.

Encrypted scheduled data backup, not just storage

“Backups don’t really exist unless you have at least three on different media in different places, and deleting one must not affect any of the others”.
(Jack Schofield, The Guardian )

There are a number of ways data can be stored as ‘backup’. Examples include using cloud storage space, network drives (NAS), or removable hard drives. However it is important to understand that on their own, these do not serve as proper backup solutions. You can still lose your data through hardware failure, theft, human error, viruses & ransomware. It is for this reason that our backup software even includes the option to backup your cloud file storage areas, such as Dropbox & Google Drive.

To ensure your data is reliably protected and always available, your backup strategy should include 3 copies of your data. One of these should be an online backup option. Your data should be encrypted and backed up to servers located in the UK & automatically replicated across at least 2 data centres. When it comes to sensitive customer data, you must also ensure that this is stored on servers which are GDPR compliant & with ISO27001 certification

Hybrid Backup

Deep Blue Backup’s LITE software is a complete computer backup solution. It lets you create backup-sets on any number of computers and mobile devices. You can choose to backup the whole operating system or designate specific folders or drives containing your important data. You can also tailor your backup sets to encrypt and backup your data to removable storage devices (e.g., USB hard drives) for free. Furthermore you can do so while simultaneously backing up your data to our online servers. This gives you the greatest flexibility in terms of options for speedy data recovery.

No Licence Fees

You only pay for backup storage space required! You can install our Backup LITE software on any number of devices for free. The cost of our data backup storage is a competitive 12p per Gigabyte per month. This is why our Backup LITE option starts with a minimum of 50GB backup storage space. You can of course purchase extra storage space as the need arises.

( For illustration purposes: 1 Gigabyte of storage space, @ 12p per month, lets you backup/store roughly 500 photos of reasonable quality. 50GB gives you room to store roughly 25,000 photos for just £6 a month ).


Our Software

Intuitive and Easy to Use

Your Backup LITE & Backup PRO subscriptions come with our extremely easy to use downloadable software. Configure what you want to save & protect and then back these files and folders up whenever you want – on an automatic schedule or at the push of a button.  Watch the video to get a complete rundown of how versatile and easy to use our software really is!

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