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UK Online Backup
For PC, Mac & Servers

Smarter Backup for Small Business & Home

Windows, MacOS, Linux, FreeBSD & Solaris

ISO 27001
Certified DCs

AES 256 Bit


Using UK
Data Centres

Ahsay Solution

Quick to install & easy to use.

Only pay for storage:

Minimum Order Quantities:
DBB LITE – 100GB (£10/month)
– 200GB (£20/month)

Extra Storage:
10GB Addons (£1/month)

Ahsay Backup Client

Ahsay backup client panel (LITE & PRO)

The Ahsay solution provides convenient & comprehensive UK Cloud Backup for PCs & MACs (DBB LITE), and Server Applications (DBB PRO). With all your data being stored & replicated across two UK data centres. The primary DC is in Docklands, London and your data is automatically replicated to a secondary DC in Bournemouth.

There is no licence fee so you can install the free software on any number of machines within your premises.

Tip: 1 Gigabyte of storage space, @ 10p per month, lets you backup/store roughly 500 photos of good quality. 100GB gives you room to store roughly 50,000 photos for just £10 a month.




Backup your whole system or select specific files/folders, as well as free cloud storage areas such as Google Drive & Dropbox;

Automatic backup scheduling.


All data is encrypted using AES 256 Bit encryption in-flight and at-rest.

Choice of incremental or differential backups.

Hybrid Backups: the software lets you store different data on different storage targets.

No Licence Fee – The client software is free to download and install on any number of machines within your company.

Local backups are free – only pay for data stored on our server.

Backup for Server Applications such as Azure, Lotus Notes/Domino, and databases such as MySQL, MSSQL & Oracle.

Backups for NAS drives can be achieved by enabling Network Discovery and Sharing on the server, so the NAS is accessible as a ‘virtual local drive’. You can then create backup sets for NAS files/folders as usual.